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Blue State Barbecue

I'm an aspiring political commentator. Enjoy the commentary.
Oct 19 '14

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Oct 19 '14


Twitter reacts to the Michael Dunn sentence today. Dunn was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Oct 16 '14


john oliver is really not fucking around 

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Oct 14 '14

This kid is STOKED.


This kid is STOKED.

Oct 7 '14


If you’re mad at her, you don’t understand it.  White people are trying to remove themselves from all people of color.  Let me show you why this is true.  You’ve heard of Asian-americans or African Americans or Mexican Americans.  But how about a European American?  Have you ever heard someone say they’re Canadian American? or European American? Probably not.  White people can just call themselves American, even if their ancestry has not been in America for long.  If your great-grandparents moved because of the potato famine, you don’t call yourselves Irish American, you have lived your entire life in the United States, you call yourself an American.  But now, take someone whose ancestry is linked to some of the first slaves in the colonies, and they still call themselves African-American.  Doesn’t matter if they’ve never stepped foot on the continent and share no cultural link, other than pigment, with any society in Africa, they still have to identify with African.  

What’s most infuriating is that even people who are the ultimate Americans: Native Americans.  They were in the Americas while ass backwards Europe was accusing (and burning) women of being witches.  THEY, of all people, shouldn’t have to specify their identity as an American, but NO they have to be labeled with something else.  

Raven Symone is an absolute star.  She has my total respect for standing up like this, and I hope her so much happiness with her girlfriend.  I wish she was still on television, she taught me so much , even if it was all from a disney show


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Oct 6 '14
"The fight over gay marriage is effectively over in this country."
Oct 6 '14
Oct 4 '14

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Oct 1 '14


Steal His Look: Chief of Ferguson Police Department

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Sep 28 '14